Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Attempting Residential Septic Tank Installation

If you are thinking of installing a residential septic tank on your property, your best bet is to contact a local professional and have them install it for you. Residential septic tank installation is far more complicated than just fixing a leaky pipe or a loose roof shingle. It's not your typical home improvement job. That said, if you are intent on trying to install it yourself, here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Know Where the Lines Are Located

When installing a septic tank on your property, you'll obviously have to connect it to your plumbing that's coming out of the house. But you also will need to make sure you don't start digging where other lines are located. You don't want to rupture the incoming water pipe or your gas pipe. There may be additional electrical or mechanical wiring underneath the ground that you aren't even aware of. Obtain a blueprint of your property or call the local town or city for information so you can make sure you start digging with confidence. If you are installing your own septic tank, you're probably doing so to try and save money, but rupturing a city line could end up costing you quite a bit.

Have a Partner with You at All Times

Septic tanks can be large and heavy depending on the size you are going with. Never try to do the entire job on your own, as the tank falling on you could be disastrous. Have someone watching any associated piping closely as you put the tank into place and attempt to connect it to the pipes. If someone does fall into the tank at any point, call emergency services. If the tank is not filled with waste, the person won't be in immediate danger, but you should allow an emergency team to respond and pull the person out, lest you risk falling in yourself.

Contact a Professional Installer If Needed

There's no shame in throwing in the towel and deciding to hire a professional to assist you with the residential septic tank installation. Again, a septic tank is not a simple device and a lot of different things can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing. Hiring a professional installer will ensure that your septic tank is installed in a safe area of your yard and without bringing any potential danger to you or your loved ones.