Three Reasons Why It’s Important To Clean Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks are cantankerous things. They can go an entire year or more without needing pumping and clearing out. However, when the time does arrive for the tank to be pumped, you should seriously consider septic tank cleaning services. There are some valid reasons for having the tank cleaned, as you shall see momentarily.

Reason Number One: Cleaning the Tank Removes Clogs You Did Not Know You Had

Septic tanks can acquire blockages in the exit ports to the drainage field as well as the port from the pipe that feeds into the tank from the house. A lot of times, homeowners are not even aware that there is a blockage. It might be a small blockage that does not affect the flow of the sewage all that much, or it may be a growing problem that has not yet turned into a major catastrophe. By cleaning the tank, your septic specialist can clear the partial or full blockages you did not even know you had. 

Reason Number Two: The Scum on the Inside of the Tank Is Reduced to Allow for More Containment Space

Accumulation of fecal matter and matted toilet paper on the inside walls of the septic tank tend to wheedle down the available containment space within the tank. By cleaning the scum from the interior walls of the tank, more containment room is made. This translates to a less-frequent tank pumping in the future. 

Reason Number Three: A Particularly Dirty Septic Tank Smells More Foul Than You Can Imagine

Septic tanks, by reason of their intended function, are already dirty and smelly. However, a particularly dirty tank is going to smell far more foul than a tank that has been cleaned. While it may still have that methane, ammonia, and toilet smell, it will not be as overpowering or as foul as it was before you had it cleaned. 

A Clean Tank Is a Better Functioning Tank

Long story short, a clean tank is a better functioning tank. It will work better and prevent foul messes from erupting onto your lawn if and when the tank or its blocked ports break down and cannot contain the raw sewage within anymore. Since you want to keep your septic tank functioning as best as it can for as long as it can, pumping it out and keeping it clean is exactly what you need to do for maintenance. 

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