Need A Long-Term Rental? Look For These Features

When you rent a dumpster long-term, you have to take environmental effects into account. A short-term rental doesn't do much to the dumpster itself; maybe there's a rainstorm or two, or some very hot days in summer. A long-term rental means the dumpster will sit outside, likely in the sun, for weeks or months on end. Dumpsters are tough, of course, and won't simply wilt after a week. But that long-term exposure can make the dumpster harder to use. You need certain features if you want that dumpster to remain as useful as possible.

UV-Protected Lid

Excessive sun exposure can turn even the toughest rubber and plastic crumbly and weak. You can now get dumpsters with lids that have been treated with an anti-UV protectant. This helps the material stay in good shape and supple enough to not crack as time goes on and the lid sees use. When dumpster lids crack or their edges fray, that allows water and pest intrusion and odor emanation. With the UV protectant, however, the lid can continue to do its thing without a problem.

Water and Wildlife Resistance

Whether you're dealing with raccoons that can figure out how to get around locks or bears that simply smash in lids, you need appropriate wildlife resistance. Most areas have some sort of issue with wildlife in trash bins, be it rats in the city or bears in the hills. If any sort of food or plant matter is going inside the dumpster, you need to protect that from animals. While that trash may just be trash to you, you don't want to find a family of raccoons staring at you from inside when you next go to the dumpster.

You'll also need water resistance. The lid should fit so that water does not drip or run inside, and the lid should have channels that divert water toward the ground and not into the main compartment. As that water fills up the dumpster, it makes it harder to empty the dumpster. And anything that leaks out can potentially take pollutants with it, eventually contaminating groundwater supplies.

High-Load Capacity Casters

If you need that dumpster to hold large loads or heavy materials, make sure the casters are able to hold that capacity. The size of the dumpster alone isn't enough to guarantee that the entire thing can withstand the weight you want to put in it. Tell the rental company what you need the dumpster for -- not just construction waste, for example, but concrete blocks, wood framing, etc. -- so you can get the dumpster and casters that will hold that weight without collapsing.

Finding the right dumpster should be fairly simple. However, you do need to be sure that it fits all of the needs of the worksite and isn't just a big container that sits off to the side. The dumpster rental company will help you narrow down what you need.