Reasons To Have Septic Tank Services Performed In Spring

Your septic tank needs to be properly maintained to help keep it function. This includes checking the tank for cracks, clearing clogs from the pipes, and cleaning the tank. Technically, you can have septic services performed any time of the year. However, there are many benefits to having these services done in the spring, after the ground around the tank begins to thaw. Here are a few of the benefits of having septic tank pumping services performed in spring. 

Your Not is as Plush and Green in Spring

One of the reasons to have your septic tank services performed in the spring is because your grass is not very lush and plush. In order to perform septic services, you have to pull some of your grass out. During the summer months, your grass is typically green and lush. Your kids are running around playing in the yard and/or you may be hosting barbecues and want your lawn to look great. Following the winter months, the lawn may not be looking so great. Pulling it back before you fertilize it and get it ready for summer helps you to maintain a lush lawn during the summer months. 

You Don't Want to Pump a Tank in Fall or Winter

The second reason why you may want to have septic tank services performed in the spring is because you don't want to pump a septic tank in the fall or winter. During the winter months, the liquid in your tank can freeze. As the liquid freezes, it expands and this can lead to your tank cracking. Keeping your tank as full as possible during the fall and winter months helps to prevent the liquid from freezing, as it takes more time for more liquid to freeze. As such, the ideal time to have septic tank pumping done is in the spring. 

Damage to Your Tank is More Likely to Occur in Winter

The last reason you may wish to have septic tank services performed in the spring is because damage is more likely to occur to your tank and pipes during the winter months, compared to spring and fall. Because of this, having your tank inspected following a cold winter which may have been damaging makes more sense than having your tank inspected during a time of year when damage is less likely. 

Septic services help your septic tank to properly function, while also extending the life of the tank. Having your septic system inspected and cleaned in the spring has many benefits associated with it. If your tank needs to be inspected and serviced, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment.