Five Things That Are Going To Determine How Many Portable Restrooms You Need

If you are planning an outdoor event where there are not available restrooms, you are going to want to rent out portable restrooms that will allow your guests to be comfortable and happy without having to walk miles just to use the bathroom. However, it can be difficult to discern just how many portable restrooms you might need. Here are five things that are worth considering before choosing the number of portable restrooms you need:

  1. Alcohol: If you are serving alcohol at the event, you are going to need more portable restrooms simply because, chances are, the bathroom is going to be needed more. This is especially true if the event is open bar. 
  2. Time: You also need to consider how long the event is going to go on. The longer the event, the most restrooms you are going to need because, eventually, people are going to need use the restroom. If the event is shorter, you might not have as many guests needed to use the restroom while they are there. 
  3. Number of Guests: Of course, you also need to consider the number of guests you are going to have. You also need to consider ages, which is something many people don't think about. Having larger portable restrooms and more of them if there will be small children is important because they will probably need to use the bathroom more than the adult guests and will need their parents help, as well, hence the larger size portable restroom recommendation. 
  4. Gender: Another factor that is often overlooked is the gender of your guests. Women tend to use the restroom more for various reasons, in which case you will need more portable restrooms than you would if your guest count was mostly men. You also should probably consider larger portable restrooms for women since they generally need more room in this space than men do. 
  5. Disabilities: Finally, don't forget to account for any guests with disabilities, in which case you can rent at least once portable restroom that accommodates for this. These will be larger in size, have a ramp if needed, and more accommodations inside, such as handrails for your guests ability to actually use the restroom without as much assistance.

These are just five things that are going to help you determine just how many you might need. You should talk with the portable restroom rental company like RCS Inc if you have more specific questions to help narrow down your choice for the number.