4 Of Your More Pressing Portable Toilet Concerns Answered

If you need to rent a portable toilet for a special event, it is natural to have some concerns about the rental process. Below are a few common concerns about renting portable toilets explained and answered so you can feel more comfortable about renting a portable toilet for a special event.

#1 Are Short-Term Rentals Possible?

Short term rentals of portable toilets are not only possible, they are part of the bread and butter of portable toilet companies. You can rent a portable toilet for a day, a weekend, a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. Portable toilet rental terms are very flexible, as long as you are upfront about what you want and when you want it.

#2 How Far In Advance Should Rentals Be Made?

How far in advance the rental should be made depends upon when you need the toilet. If you want to rent a portable toilet on 4th of July weekend, you are going to want to make that reservation as far in advance as possible. If you are looking to rent a couple of toilets for a random week in December, you probably don't need to call too far ahead.

If you give the service at least forty-eight hours' notice though, no matter the time of year, most portable toilet companies will try to fulfill your request.

#3 Where Does The Waste Go?

The waste that accumulates in the toilets is pumped out of the toilets. Than it is transported to a local waste water treatment facility, where the waste is treated according to the procedures and regulations of the facility. It goes through much of the same process as waste that is flushed down your toilet, it just needs a little extra transportation service along the way.

#4 What Happens When A Toilet Gets Tipped Over?

Toilets do get tipped over from time to time because they are not set up on stable surface or because someone tries and succeeds with tipping them over. If you ever have a toilet tip over, do not open up the toilet area and try to clean it up yourself. You are dealing with human waste, and it needs to be cleaned up in a particular manner to keep you safe.

Just call the company you are renting from, and they will send a driver out right away to pick up the toilet. If your event is still on-going, they will send out another unit for you to use as well as soon as they are able to. For more information, contact companies like Five Star Septic Service And Portable Toilet Rentals.