What Does A Septic Tank Alarm Mean?

Of all of the alerts you might get in a day, a warning blast from your septic tank is probably right at the bottom of the list. What does the septic tank alarm mean, and should you be worried?

Why Does a Septic Tank Alarm Sound?

The septic tank alarm simply means that there is an issue with the septic tank, and it is overwhelmed. That can happen for a number of reasons. If there was a recent weather event that caused ground flooding, it could be that some of this water got into your septic tank. There could also be a leak that's letting excess groundwater into the tank.

Some of the reasons could be on your end, too. If you are putting too much paper or inorganic waste in the tank, it can get clogged.

Steps to Take Right Away

First of all, stop using any water until you can get a hold of your septic tank maintenance team. Call a septic tank professional at a company like All County Rooter on an emergency basis to look at the tank. You can also inspect your home for leaks or other plumbing issues that could be causing a problem. Faulty plumbing appliances will flush a great deal of water into a septic tank unexpectedly.

What a Septic Tank Specialist Will Handle

First and foremost, your septic tank team will look for leaks. This could be a disaster that affects your own plumbing as well as the safety of the groundwater in your area. Another thing they will have to do is pump the septic tank to remove excess water and waste. They will do plumbing checks to see if something is flushing an excessive amount of water into your tank. Hydro jetting can be necessary if there is a clog somewhere in your plumbing that is causing excessive pressure or making water back up through the rest of your pipes.

Preventing the Warning Alarm

Warning alarms are put in place to alert you before an impending septic tank disaster. But there are some things you can do to not even hear that warning sound in the first place. The first is to take good care of your septic tank by using a reasonable amount of water at any given time and avoiding flushing solids into your tank. The second is to make sure that your septic tank is pumped regularly and kept in good repair. But, as long as you act quickly on a septic tank alarm, you can still catch a lot of big problems before they occur. Thank goodness for that septic tank alarm.