Two Ways That Can Help You Go Green With Your Septic System Maintenance

Your septic system requires a lot of care and maintenance to ensure it is working as it should. If the waste doesn't break down as it should or it is not cared for, waste can back up into your yard or a clog can develop, causing waste to flow back into your home. While there are many chemical cleaners you can use to maintain your septic system, these can be harmful. They can kill the good bacteria in your system that are designed to eat away waste, they can eat away at your septic tank and cause it to fail early and they can be bad for the environment. Here are a couple ways you can go green with your septic system maintenance.

Use Active Dry Yeast

One of the best things you can do for your septic system is to keep the good bacteria active and thriving in the tank. The good bacteria eat away at the waste in your tank, including feces, food particles and toilet paper. This reduces the amount of waste in the tank and cuts back on the frequency with which your tank needs to be pumped. Using septic system safe toilet paper and cleaners is one way that you can ensure the bacteria in your system aren't killed. Another way you can encourage the good bacteria is to feed them active dry yeast.

The first time you use active dry or instant dry baking yeast, flush 1/2 cup down the toilet. It is best if you use the toilet that is closest to the septic tank as the yeast has to travel a shorter distance to enter the tank. After the initial use of yeast, flush 1/4 cup of yeast down your toilet every four months. If you buy your yeast in advance, always properly store it in a cool, dark place to ensure it doesn't die before it is used. Always check the use by date before you use the yeast. If the yeast is dead, you will not get the benefits associated with adding them to your septic system.

Prevent Clogs With Hot Water

Another tip for maintaining your septic system is to prevent clogs from forming by using hot water. If a clog forms in your septic system, you may be tempted to reach for chemical drain cleaners. Instead of using harmful drain cleaners that will create more work for you, you are better off working to prevent clogs.

There are many ways you can prevent clogs from forming in your septic system. Not pouring grease down your pipes or flushing sanitary products are a few of the ways you can do this. But another way to do this is to pour a gallon of hot water down your drains on a monthly basis. The hot water helps to liquefy soap, grease and other items that harden in your pipes. Once liquefied, they are pushed through into your septic system, helping to prevent a clog from forming. And best of all, water is completely safe for your septic system and the environment.

Maintaining a septic system can be challenging. There are a lot of rules that you must follow in order to ensure everything operates as it should. Adding yeast to your septic system and pouring hot water down the drains to prevent clogs are just a couple of the ways that you can keep your septic system safe. If you are new to septic tanks, and have no experience with them, a septic system maintenance company can inspect your tank and give you tips on maintaining and caring for it.